You've created your website to share about your services, so it's normal that you may have missed a few things. I'll spot them.


Are your headlines the size they need to be? Are your paragraphs 

spaced out correctly? Are your images appearing clearly? 

Are your meta tags relevant? Is your whole site optimized? I check all of this.

Spell check

Hey, we all make typos and spelling errors from time to time. 

Let me catch them for you.

User experience

After all the effort you've put in, you need another set of eyes to look over everything. Having someone click through your whole site to see that 

everything flows logically is key to being ready to convert customers.

Dynamic language

Besides optimizing for search engines, it's good general practice to have dynamic language that excites and entices your readers. Let me help you engage them. 

Link functionality

It seems so simple and like such a no-brainer, but I can't tell you how often I come across broken links or misdirects. 

Keeping links up to date is key to your site's success.